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10 Unique Christmas Cakes Designs That You Can Buy Easily

There is a long history behind the Christmas cake. It all started with the porridge that people ate on Christmas Eve after fasting for the entire day. Later it transformed into a pudding with lots of ingredients that were added to it to enhance its taste. Eventually, the Christmas plum cake and then the fruitcake originated. Today the Christmas cake has a whole lot of adds-on done to it to make it appealingly delicious and presentable. From seasonal fruits, dry fruits, chocolates, nuts, strawberries, raisins, apples, creams, cherries, rosewater, whiskey, brandy, rum, sherry and lots of other eatables that are added to make the cake an integral part of Christmas celebrations.

While Christmas is predominantly a festival celebrated by Christians the world over. Enjoying a piece of a traditional Christmas cake is not limited to this community alone. People cutting across religion, bake a cake at home. Or order from a professional baker to raise a toast to the spirit of the day. Here, I am sharing the 10 best and unique Christmas Cakes that are easily available and add more joy to the festival.

10 Christmas Cakes that you can order from Doorstep Cake

This year for the residents of Noida, Christmas celebrations will have a new meaning. With easy accessibility of a professional cake shop in Noida, there are lots of unique cakes that can be ordered online or in person too. Make the festivities extra-special by decorating the cake with a family photo or even one of Santa Claus. This type of cake can be made with any flavor, any weight, and shape. Leave behind the correct address so that the cake shop can have the photo cake delivery done right on time. Lookout for the following unique cakes from the cake shop in Noida. Choose from their ready-to-sell cakes or speak to the baker to custom make one as per your creativity, preference, design, style, flavor, and budget.

chocolate gingerbread cake

The Chocolate Gingerbread Cake that set your taste buds tingling

The good thing about this cake is that when refrigerated it tastes like truffle and rich in chocolate and when kept in the open, it is soft, supple and smooth to taste. Moreover, it is one of the most commonly ordered cake on the occasion of Christmas as it has a lot of anecdotes associated with it.

Heart-shaped chocolate cake that leaves you asking for more

This chocolate truffle cake will fulfill all your wishes to make the celebrations yumlicious and breathtakingly beautiful. Just the right choice for people who have an insatiable craving for chocolates.

The classic fruit cake available in amazing shapes

This cake is the truest depiction of the traditional Christmas celebrations. Low in calories, enjoy the taste of the mixed fruit and brandy without freaking out. The best part is that this cake can be decorated with fondant and marzipan or keep it simple with a glaze of honey or apricot jam. This cake is easily available at some of the best cake shops in Noida.

classic fruit cake

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Get Awesome-Tasting Victorian Christmas cake Delivered to your doorstep

This cake is filled with the goodness of fruits like raisins, cherries, and currants; mixed well with sherry and with icing on the top, you will be celebrating this Christmas the traditional way. The cake can be stored up to six months in the refrigerator.

Place an order for The Rum cake at Doorstep Cake

Again, this cake is the right choice for people who love the taste of the decadent rum cake to mark the occasion of Christmas. It is available at the cake shop in Noida. The cake can be infused with vanilla besides rum, as per choice and has a cream cheese frosting that helps make the upper cake layer get a perfect consistency. The base of this cake is made with crunchy chewy gingerbread and filled with rum and is made lighter with whipped cream.

The Christmas tree cake in amazing flavors

The trees are cut-outs from green colored sugar paste. Top the trees up with edible baubles and dragees. Some stars, made from yellow colored sugar paste are rolled out and then stuck to the trees on the cake. To make it look for dramatic have a red, white and green colored ribbon wrapped around the cake. You can also personalize this cake and avail delivery in Noida near you.

Christmas tree cake

The Delectable Pretzel cake crafted lovingly by cake artists

This cake is surely one-of-its-kind as it is a combination of salt and sweet taste and is a dream-come-true for someone who loves the chocolate flavor mixed with white vanilla frosting – the base flavor can be altered as per personal preference. The pretzel rods are dipped at one end in melted candy while the other end is left as it is. Visit the cake shop in Noida and explore amazing shapes and sizes available.

Decadent Pine Forest Cake

Another exclusively made cake that depicts the winters and Christmas time aptly is the Pine Forest Cake. The trees are made from varied colored melted candies that are drizzled in a zigzag manner over bamboo skewers and placed on the top of a layer of frosting that will leave you yearning for more. As many colors you have, you can create that many trees but 10-12 trees are enough to make it look like the ideal Christmas cake.

The Igloo Christmas Cake reminds you of White Christmas

The Igloo Christmas cake at Noida cake shops is another idea that befits Christmas celebrations. Added to the cake are penguins’ in teardrop shapes made from homemade sugar paste to make it look a genuine Christmas cake. A basin-shaped fruitcake is what serves as the base. It is done up with apricot jam or glaze and placed on a round shaped cake drum covered with white colored sugar paste.


The Christmas Tree Sheet-cake delivered at your doorstep

The Christmas tree Sheet-cake is our tenth suggested cake to celebrate this Christmas in an extraordinary way. Made with vanilla, cocoa, lemon juice, and green dyed frosting, this cake needs a bit of patience to make as it requires more manual designing elements to get the perfect look. The green frostings are used to attach several tree pieces on a serving platter and the stump is attached with brown frostings. Use candy balls to make stars, red gumdrops are used to decorate the tree; lots of colorful chocolates are used to make the tree look real.

Make your Christmas all the more enjoyable and memorable with these unique cakes. There are plenty of other unique and extra-special options of baking a perfect Christmas cake. Bakeries today are open to all types of customization in not only designing the cake but also delivering the cake. These online bakeries specialize in midnight delivery of cakes and also accepts last-minute orders.

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