Half Kg Cakes

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Half Kg Cake Online in variety of desgins and flavors

Surprise the birthday boy or girl with that half-kg cake delivered to their doorstep at the stroke of midnight. Amidst the joyous birthday song, gifts, clapping, shouting, and wishes, as the person gets a year older, make this the perfect start to an unforgettable day and year.

What can be a better and ideal gift than that small 500gm cake, perfectly shaped and a treat to the taste buds? When you choose to use the digital medium to order a half kg birthday cake, the advantage is that there are umpteen choices to choose from.

For cakes that are age, gender, and event-specific, you can choose from wide-ranging half-kg cake designs. The photo cakes have a sentimental photo embedded for your handsome little boy. Either the Barbie doll cake for your darling daughter or so many other options to pick from.

Explore the amazing 500gm cake designs available for every occasion

Be it a special day like a birthday or an anniversary or a festivity that is connected to celebrations annually or seasonally like Christmas or  New Year, Adult Birthday Cake cakes are a must and a necessity to make the occasion exclusive, unique, and extraordinarily special. Even in the absence of any other kind of celebratory functions and activities.

The truth is that a nicely designed, creatively made, and tastefully decorated cake. Whether a small and cute half kg cake or even a 5 kg – will make the occasion and the celebrations worthy and memorable for years to come.

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