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Order 3 Kg Cake online for various occasions

When it comes to a 3 kg cake, it has to be a designer one. Prepared for a mid-sized party, these cakes are perfect for a gathering of 30 to 35 people. We, at ‘Doorstep Cake’ offer a number of chocolate, cream and fruit designs in 3 kg cakes to add charm to your celebration. When it comes to the preparation, our chefs are very cautious about the ingredients and flavors.

Especially when it comes to the multi-tier heavy layered cakes, we always make it as per the requirement of the customers. You just need to brief us about your occasion and the design. We suggest you over a hundred designs that can match best to your requirement. Keeping in mind your budget, we also suggest various ingredients and flavors. Our ingredients are always garden fresh and handpicked to keep the actual taste and aroma intact.

Big occasions call for a bigger party. A bigger gathering and a bigger cake too!!‘Doorstep Cake’ offers a wide range of menu for 3 kg birthday cake designs. Apart from weddings or anniversaries, we also offer various 3 kg cake designs.

Serving as your trusted cake shop in Delhi NCR, Delhi, and the adjoining areas, ‘Doorstep Cake’ offers simply the best sizes in cakes to cater to your requirements. Usually, 3 kg birthday cake prices are not that high, but we prepare them very carefully keeping in mind your requirements as per the occasion and the theme. Specially designed for pre-wedding parties, anniversary celebrations, Christmas parties, Romantic heart shape cake designs, New Year Party Cake, Bachelors Party Cake Adult Theme Cake, Layer Cakes, and birthday celebrations, these 3 kg cakes are available in a number of themes and flavors.

Delicate Preparation for 3 Kg Cake & Reasonable Price

When it comes to the core preparation, we use international practices so that the design is perfect and the cake is appealing at first sight. Our skilled chefs are trained in all the preparation processes – ranging from the frosting part of the outer layer of the cake to playing with the layers of fondant, experimenting with various ingredients in the filling, or even creating layers/swirls with cream. So, when it comes to a 3 kg cake price, it always suits your pocket and never goes overboard.

Our staff always designs the cakes with cold buttercream because it is easier to handle and does not look messy. This is what results in a smooth finish. Moreover, for heavy or multi-layered cakes, our chefs choose the support very cautiously. Since heavy cakes are much more difficult to handle, our chefs use Kitkat chocolate bars, cookie sticks, or even lollipop sticks in certain designs (as per the requirement) to give proper support to the cake.

The trickiest part lies with adding fresh fruits or fruit plums to the cake. The quantity of each and everything should be perfect to attain the very actual taste. Our 3 kg birthday cakes are prepared in various designs with the same moist bread to amaze all your guests.

Experimenting with 3 Kg Cake Designs

For the lovers of sweet frosting, ‘Doorstep Cake’ offers 100% eggless cakes in several designs:

  • Two-tier heart-shaped cake
  • Shopping bag-designed cake
  • Gym fondant cake
  • Cartoon cakes (Oggy, Little Mermaid, Doremon, Micky Mouse, Barbie, etc.)
  • Superhero cakes (Spiderman, Superman, Batman, Iron Man, Hulk, etc.)
  • Dark chocolate cakes
  • Photo cakes
  • Number cakes
  • Blueberry Cakes
  • Car cakes
  • Whisky/champagne bottle cakes, and much more

Even if your preferred design is not visible on our website, we would recommend you please share the picture or photograph of the respective cake that you wish to get prepared – and we would be happy to serve you the same. When it comes to customization or personalization, we love to experiment with ingredients as well.

There are a number of theme-based 3 kg birthday cake designs available on our menu. Visit our classic bouquet today and order one online for your loved ones. We add art to your favorite dessert and make it eggless with fresh ingredients. Pick your favorite design and compare our 3 kg cake price. As a reputed cake bakery in Noida, ‘Doorstep Cake’ is catering to the needs of its customers without failure. And to serve you better, we have also forayed into midnight cake delivery as well!!

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