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Cakes originated from the ancient city of Rome when people wanted to add taste to their bread. Hence they mixed it with sweeteners like honey and battered it with egg and butter. Over the centuries the cake has evolved with the addition of baking soda, dry and fresh fruits, nuts, flavoring agents like vanilla, dessert sauces, icings, piped borders, etc.

While making a cake was a big deal a century back, today with the availability of the latest equipment and tools. The works of the baker have become extremely easy. Now, cake-making has become a work of art where bakers add their innovative and creative ideas. And designs to come with amazing Layer Cake 2 kg cake designs and work on their culinary skills and knowledge to come up with sumptuously tasty and healthy cakes.

Explore the best 2 kg birthday cakes online at Doorstep Cake

Before online buying was possible, the only way out for ordering a birthday cake or cakes for any other occasion was to drive to a baker’s near to your place of residence or office, and order from the limited options that he had to offer. Even if you wanted to create something of your own, you couldn’t be sure if the cake shop would be open to such an idea or not.

Today times have changed. The biggest advantage is that one can sit at home or office, browse through the internet to pick a cake shop that may be located nearby or miles away, and then browse through different design options to pick the best 2 kg birthday cake online.

Available in all price ranges

Whatever be your budget, you will surely get the choicest designs and flavors in the amount online. With size, the price of cakes varies, and hence expect the 2 kg cake price to be on the higher side compared to a 1 kg cake, especially if you choose unique designs and exotic flavors.

On the price front though, it is recommended that one searches online thoroughly as you would certainly get the best offer and affordable deal from one or the other cake shop. If you are expecting a huge crowd to attend to the event, it is advisable to go in for the 2 kg cake as you would obviously want all your guests to taste the exclusively made cake before leaving the party.

Whatever be the event, get the 2kg cake

The 2 kg cake is right for any event – be it a birthday, anniversary, wedding, the birth of a child, special days like Mother’s Day, Fathers’ Day, Valentine’s Day, or even celebrations like cake design for marriageBachelor Party Cake Adult theme cake Christmas and New Year Cake.

From a simple looking dark color chocolate cake to the white pineapple cake to complex and creatively crafted 2 kg cake designs – there is no dearth of options when it comes to choosing the right cake for the occasion. In fact, while ordering online; it is good to dedicate a couple of hours to look through various designs and flavor mixes before zeroing in on the final one.

Varied 2 kg birthday cake designs

Ample and infinite design options are available online when it comes to birthday cakes. You just need the time to visit different online bakeries and go through their image section. From a heart-shaped cake to a theme cake, Pinata Cake from a personalized photo cake to a Blueberry Cake, fruit cake, from the multi-layer cake to the simple round or square-shaped one – you get as many choices for 2 kg birthday cake design options as you wish to delve in.

Midnight deliveries of 2kg birthday cake online

What can surprise the receiver more than sending him birthday wishes and a 2 kg birthday cake ordered online right at the stroke of midnight? It would be the best start to the celebrations ever – with reliable and professional bakers online, midnight delivery is no more a myth.

A 2 kg birthday cake online delivered right to the doorstep

Yes. That is true. This current genre of online bakers ensures that they stick to schedules whatever the weather conditions, that their deliveries are professionally handled, and have the cake is delivered right to the front door of the receiver, dot on time. You just need to take care to give them the correct address and location when ordering the 2 kg birthday cake online.

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